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Czech Public Holidays


On public holidays the university is closed, as well as are most other institutions, offices, businesses, banks, local shops; large shops (supermarkets, shopping malls) are likely to be open, at least on a reduced schedule; public transport operates according to the Sunday schedule.

The only movable date is Easter Monday, the other dates are fixed.

If a public holiday falls on a Saturday/Sunday, the following Monday is a normal working day.

If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday/Thursday, many people use the opportunity and take off the preceding Monday/following Friday.

1 January New Year’s Day / Czech Independence Day
(restoration of the independent Czech Republic by splitting from Czechoslovakia in 1993)
March/April Easter Monday (movable feast)
1 May Labour Day
8 May Liberation Day (end of WW II in 1945)
5 July St. Cyril and St. Methodius Day
6 July Jan Hus Stake Day (1415)
28 September St. Wenceslas Day / Czech Statehood Day
28 October Czechoslovak Independence Day
(establishment of the independent Czechoslovakia in 1918 after WW I)
17 November Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (Velvet Revolution Day – 1989)
24-26 December Christmas

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