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room: 404 NB
phone: 224 095 401
Graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, in “Mathematical Statistics”. He finished his studies by state exam in 1984. Then in 1986 the state passed the rigorous exam (RNDr.) Ibid. In 1987 finished postgraduate studies in the field of economic statistics (CSO and Economics in Prague) in 1992 ended aspirant degree in statistics at KSTP University in Prague (Ph.D. degree.) and in 2002 defended his higher doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics Economics in Prague and earned the title doc. in the field of statistics. He was the head of the Department of Statistics and Probability in the period 2006-2010.
 doc. RNDr. Luboš Marek, CSc.

Vice Dean for Pedagogical Activities

room: 407 NB
phone: 224 095 419
He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague in 1984, majoring in economic statistics. In the same year he joined the Department of Statistics. He has been working at the department of statistics and probability since 1990. In 2007 he was appointed Professor of Statistics. He graduated from the long-term study stays at Brown University, Texas A & M University, USA and University of California, San Diego, USA. He is the author of monographs, textbooks and more than fifty professional and scientific articles, especially in impacted journals. He is a co-researcher and investigator of the grant projects. He is a member of the Czech Statistical Society and the Czech Econometric Society. He is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute.
prof. Ing. Josef Arlt, CSc.

Vice Dean for science and research

room: 452 NB
phone: 224 095 409
He finished his university studies in 1984 at the Faculty of Management, University of Economics in Prague, majoring in Economics and mathematical calculations. In the same year he joined the Faculty of Management at theDepartment of automated management systems. Since 1990 he has been working at the Department of system analysis. In 2007 he was appointed professor in informatics. He is the author of eight monographs, fourteen course books and textbooks, more than one hundred research and scientific articles in journals and proceedings of international conferences. He participated in more than thirty projects in domestic and international companies. He is a member of program committees of several international scientific conferences in Europe and the USA. He is chairman of the Technical Commission of the Czech Standards Institute TNK 20 – Information Technology.
prof. Ing. Petr Doucek, CSc.

Vice Dean for international relationships and development

room: 427 NB
phone: 224 095 453
He graduated University of Economics, Prague, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, majoring Statistics and Insurance Engeneering in 2005. In 2010 he finished doctoral studies (Ph.D.), majoring Statistika also in University of Economics, Prague. From 2006 he started as an assistant professor at Department of Statistics and Probability (to 2010), than at Department of Demography (2010-2011) and at Department of Economic Statistics (2010 – now). He is member of Czech Demographic Society, Slovak Statistic and Demographic Society and his specialization in teaching and research is Human Capital and other socio-economic relations.
Ing. Petr Mazouch, Ph.D.