Important dates

12.2.2018 - 11.5.2018 - Classes in the Spring semester 2017/2018

2.3.2018 08:00 - 30.4.2018 23:00 - ISM Applications - open till 30 April

10.4.2018 09:00 - 26.4.2018 09:00 - DataFestival at VŠE - 25 April

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Econometrics and operational research

Study field of Econometrics and Operational Research is aimed at education of
professionals in the sphere of the development of theory and applications of optimisation
models, econometric modelling and forecasting, mathematical economics, optimal directing
and simulation models. The goal of the field is to train economically educated graduates who
can develop and apply methods and models of operational research in tasks of mathematical
programming, theory of games, network analysis, multicriteria decision making, theory of
inventories and queuing as well as econometric models in microeconomic and
macroeconomic analyses. Professional level of pedagogues participating in teaching process
to students at doctoral study field of Econometrics and operational research (above all the
departments of econometrics and statistics), as well as relatively large number of professors
and readers, enables to offer also a number of specialised and broadly aimed optional subjects
besides compulsory ones.