Important dates

25.2.2018 08:00 - 15.7.2018 08:00 - ISM Applications open till 15 July 2018

14.5.2018 - 22.6.2018 - Examination period

25.5.2018 08:00 - 30.6.2018 08:00 - ISM Graduation ceremony

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To be or not to be a VŠE student? Our videos might help you to decide.

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Are you are still hesitating whether or not to become a student of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE)?

Watch our videos and make THE RIGHT STEP FORWARD.

And do not forget: If you wish to start your master’s degree at our Faculty of Informatics and Statistics (FIS) already this September and have not applied for admission yet, you can still do so by 21 August 2015!

Applications are open for the English-taught master’s degrees in Applied Informatics – Information Systems Management (ISM) and Quantitative Methods in Economics – Quantitative Economic Analysis (QEA).

For more information continue reading here.