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25.2.2018 08:00 - 15.7.2018 08:00 - ISM Applications open till 15 July 2018

14.5.2018 - 22.6.2018 - Examination period

25.5.2018 08:00 - 30.6.2018 08:00 - ISM Graduation ceremony

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No April Fool: It is not too late to apply for September 2015!

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Are you planning to start a master’s degree programme this September and have not applied yet?

It is not late to do so now!

The Faculty of Informatics and Statistics (FIS) of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) offers two master’s degree programmes fully taught in English:

  • Information Systems Management (ISM)
  • Quantitative Economic Analysis (QEA)

The application deadline for 2015/2016 admissions (both programmes can only be started in September) is 30 April 2015 (same date as for most VŠE programmes taught either in Czech or in other languages).

Applicants now finishing their bachelor/undergraduate degree are welcome to apply, as well as those of you who have obtained your undergraduate diploma earlier. Admission requirements and tuition fees are the same for both national and international candidates.

It is easy. There are just 3 steps you need to take by the end of April:

  1. Submit an e-application online.
  2. Pay an application fee (50 EUR/1390 CZK) per bank transfer.
  3. Send an application package with the required documents per post.

But is still advisable to start preparing your application some weeks before the deadline comes.
Why? Among the required documents there are e.g. documents concerning your previous/current education or letters of recommendation; it is likely that it will take some time to gather these documents.

You also have to be ready to take the ISM or the QEA admission exam, both scheduled for 15-17 May 2015. No worries, you are not required to appear in person at our university, just be reachable per e-mail and reserve time to work on the assignments you will be sent.

Ready to apply? For more information and detailed instructions please go to ISM or QEA websites.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at ism [at] or qea [at] (any time) or +420 224 095 418 (Mondays and Wednesdays).

Searching for a different field of study?
We hope there is something for you among the English-taught master programmes offered by VŠE faculties other than FIS.