Ph.D. (Czech or English)

Doctoral study is the highest level of higher education in which graduates of master’s degree are recruited with an ability to work creatively in the respective field. The study is designed for the future workers in science and research, university teachers and workers with experience in senior management positions or working in the field of methodological and conceptual issues. The doctoral study combines subjects of mostly theoretical nature with scientific and research work of the student under the guidance of respective Professor (or Associate Professor)) of the field. Usually it is about work on one of the research tasks of the respective department. Students should summarize all the results of their research activities in the dissertation thesis, which, after passing all prescribed examinations, is defended before a committee. In case of a successful defense of the work, students earn the title “doctor” with the right to use the abbreviation “Ph.D.” after the name.

While the master thesis should just prove the student’s ability of simple application of the knowledge gained during the study, a dissertation thesis should bring whole new ideas and knowledge in the respective field of study, or it should solve some challenging practical task in an outstanding way and bring the practice an extraordinary benefit. It is obvious from both cases mentioned above that the students of the doctoral study are expected to have an active approach to scientific life of the respective field (attending seminars and conferences, having articles in science press) and also to gain individual practical experiences (cooperating with some of the institution of economic practice etc.).

“Den doktorandů FIS” (the Day of Ph.D. Students) ) is the annual science seminar, where the students of doctoral study have a chance to present their researches before both academic community of the faculty and the general public. Each student of the doctoral study should at least once attend the seminar during the study. The collection of presented contributions is published every year.

About the Study

There are three fields of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics:

Name of the study program:

Name of the field of study

Ordinary Length of the Study

Form of the Study

Teaching in English

Applied Informatics Applied Informatics


Ordinary or combined


Quantitative methods in economics Econometrics and operational research


Ordinary or combined




Ordinary or combined



Applicants for the study are admitted on the basis of the admission examination results and the capacity of the supervisors. All the information about the admission process for doctoral study can be found here.

Accredited study programs of the doctoral studies have a standard length of four academic years and a maximal length is five academic years. Detailed information about doctoral study and examinations can be found at The Study and Examination Regulations for the Doctoral Degree Study Programmes of the University of Economics in Prague. 

Doctoral study can be graduated in the ordinary of combined form of study. Details about the conditions of these types of study, schedule and the content of the study can be found here


The student of doctoral study follows the individual study schedule, which is assembled in the beginning of the study under the guidance of the respective supervisor. Detailed information about the content of the chosen study will be provided by the guarantors of respective field of study.

Guarantors of the fields of study:

In case of problems, students of doctoral study can contact the Vice Dean for Science and Research prof. Ing. Petr Doucek, CSc. – room no.: 408 NB, phone: 224095418 or room no.: 452 NB, phone: 224095409.

Operation and technical affairs are being solved by Jitka Krajíčková, room no.: 412 NB, phone: 224095464, e-mail:, or Sabina Zukalová from the department of science and research – doctoral study VŠE, e-mail

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