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Bachelor Degree not from Czech Republic

 Students from Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland

Students from other countries

Students from Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland

The government of the Czech Republic has international agreements with the governments of SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, HUNGARY and POLAND that establish that the mutual recognition of academic qualifications IS AUTOMATIC, so there is no need for holders of bachelor diplomas from these countries to go through the recognition procedure.

Students from other countries

Holders of academic diplomas issued in other countries do have to apply for the recognition of their bachelor diploma or an equivalent of such for the purpose of further studies in the Czech Republic.

For the recognition procedure at the University of Economics, Prague it is neccesary to submit following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Legally attested copy of a diploma or similar document about graduation,
  3. Diploma Supplement or list of completed exams (legaly attested),
  4. Supplementary information confirming that the degree programme was carried out by an institution authorised to provide education comparable to higher education pursuant to Act
  5. Payment of administrative fee in amount of 3 000 CZK – NEW! (since 1 September 2016)

There are two possibilities of the verification  of the documents, depending on the country of study:

  • original of diploma must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the issuing school has its seat and the Czech embassy in/for the country where the issuing school has its seat
  • the verification can be required in the form of the Apostille issued by a competent authority of the state in which the diploma was issued

Here you can check which form of the verification of the documents do you need.

If the documents attached to the application are not in Czech or English language, the applicant must enclose their certified translation into Czech language.

The application can be submitted only in cases where the recognition relates to a field of study that has a similar content as field of study at VŠE, otherwise students have  to apply for the recognition of the diploma at another public university in the Czech Republic.

The recognition  procedure is free of charge.

For more detailed information please check here.