ISM – Minor specialization

Minor specialization + Minor state exam – for 30+3 ECTS

Minor specializations:

  • gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills in a field that is of your interest
  • or to broaden your horizons by discovering a whole new area of study
  • set of courses for 30 ECTS (compulsory + elective courses) + Minor State Exam for 3 ECTS
  • recommended study period – 2nd and 3th semester

ISM Students can chooce from:



Economic Data Analysis – 4EA

This minor specialization helps students to understand the substance of key economic indicators. They will be able to apply  elementary statistical and econometric methods on economic data and use  elementary statistical and econometric software.
Offered by the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
3 core courses (18  ECTS) + elective courses for 12 ECTS + Minor State exam for 3 ECTS
Compulsory/core courses
Economic Statistics (6 ECTS) – 4ES611
Introductory Econometrics (6 ECTS) – 4EK610
Statistics (6 ECTS) – 4ST601
Final State Exam in Economic Data Analysis (3 ECTS) – 4EA
Elective/ optional courses
Applied Economic Statistics (3ECTS) – 4ES640
Applied Statistics (3ECTS) – 4ST640
Demography I (4ECTS) – 4DM251
Demography II (3ECTS) – 4DM452
Introduction to Data Analysis with R and SQL (3ECTS) – 4ST604
Official Statistics (3ECTS) -4ES612
Operations Research (3ECTS) – 4EK601
Probability and Mathematical Statistics I (6ECTS) – 4ST621
Project Management (3ECTS) – 4EK603
Selected Topics in Econometrics and Operations Research (3ECTS) – 4EK611
Understanding Economic and Social Indicators (3ECTS) – 4ES526


Consulting – 3CE

The aim of minor specialization Consulting is the development of strategic and creative thinking as the key aspect of succesful managing business growth and performance.
Offered by the Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Strategy
3 core courses (18  ECTS) + elective courses for 12 ECTS + Minor State exam for 3 ECTS
Compulsory/core courses
Growth Strategies (6 ECTS) – 3SG712
Competitive and Business Intelligence (6 ECTS) – 4IT555
Design Thinking and Anthropology in Strategy (6 ECTS) – 3SG556
Final State Exam in Consulting (3 ECTS) – 3CE
Elective/ optional courses
Applied Multivariate Statistics (6 ECTS) – 4ST611
Critical Thinking in Futurology (3 ECTS) – 3SG417
Family Business Governance (6 ECTS) – 3SG836
Family Business Strategies (6ECTS) – 3SG836
Scenario Planning for the Strategic Management (6 ECTS) – 3SG457
Strategy and Succession in Family Businesses (6ECTS) – 3SG835
Use MS Excel in business practice (3 ECTS) – 4IT522