Ali, the graduate of the Master’s degree program Information Systems Management, 2018-19 VŠE student ambassador (2019)


“My previous education was not IT related. I have obtained my bachelors degree in finance in Azerbaijan. After that I decided to continue my education and did my first master in Accounting and Finance in one of the universities in the UK. My work experience is also mostly finance. I used to work as a finance specialist in Singapore as well as back home in Azerbaijan.

However, at some point I realized that our world is changing… A decade ago information systems used to be just a support for core business activities. Today situation is completely different. Information technologies might be both key to success if you use them right and extremely destructive power you use them wrong. Information Systems Management is really a degree which is designed to provide up-to-date knowledge. It helped me to get insight and deeply understand how IT affects business and how it should be managed in order to make your organization effective and efficient. “


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