Polina, the first graduate of the European Master in Official Statistics, obtained diploma with honour, holder of the Certificate of Excellence for her diploma thesis (2019)


“I moved to Prague when I was 17 for the purpose of studying. For that time I was successfully accepted to the Prague University of Economics and Business,  bachelor program “Corporate Finance and Management”. During the bachelor studies I understood that I fell in love with statistics so I was absolutely determined that I would like to continue my studies in this field. I found out on the university page that there was a new English-taught program launched by the faculty of Informatics and Statistics “Master of Official Statistics”, so at that moment my thought was «Well, they launch that exactly for me! I’m gonna take it». This program taught me not just to deal with advanced statistical methods, but also show a complete picture how the real statistics works in the national and international framework that I was always curious for. I would love to recommend EMOS because of its highly professional knowledge and nice and responsive professors.   Also, it will give you an opportunity to take an internship in an institution like Czech statistical office, Czech national bank or some ministry where you will work on your own project for one semester. 

I have 1 year experience of working in a bank with the rotation program where I have tried 5 different departments (IT, Boards Office, Business Support Services, Credit Deal Analysis, Project Office). Now, after graduation, I would love to start my professional career that will be related to the study fields of EMOS. I would be really happy to put all the theoretical background knowledge into practice. For the nearest future I will definitely stay in Prague because I adore this city. For the far future – who knows? World is so changeable and dynamic :)”

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