Aamir, the graduate of the Master’s degree program Information Systems Management (2022) and former FIS Masters Ambassador


Getting a Master’s degree at VSE was the right decision for me for several reasons. It means I was part of a rigorous academic program that challenges me every day to find creative solutions to important problems. As an ISM graduate program, the VSE has a pretty unique status in the Czech Republic, and it’s easy to grab a canoe and explore other fields by taking classes, going to talks, or collaborating with researchers in economics, computer science, finance, and many more. Most importantly, being a graduate student at the VSE means being part of a community of incredibly driven students with diverse backgrounds and interests, working on many different problems, and always being happy to discuss a new idea or perspective. Finally, I love living in Prague: it’s a young, vibrant, historic (and walkable!) city where there’s always something happening.

If you are thinking of coming to the VSE for graduate school, I would recommend choosing your advisor for your Master’s Thesis wisely. As a graduate student, your relationship with your advisor is by far the most important relationship in your professional life and will be a huge influence on your development. Having spent 2 years on the VSE campus, I can confidently say that my time here has been nothing short of amazing. Academically, I have learned from world-class faculty members, and personally, I have made friends for life. The VSE has many world-class faculty working on a lot of different problems, so whatever your interests you will probably find an advisor who is excited about working with you. I chose the VSE mainly because of its tight-knit community and its unparalleled academic rigor. No matter where you are from, I am certain you will feel at home at the VSE!

For me, the opportunity to study at VSE provided me an opportunity to work here in Prague in one of the best IT consultancy organizations. Here in VSE, I drove my ideas, from conception to implementation which has given me crucial insights into the challenges of bridging the gap between the development of cutting-edge Information Technology and bringing those technologies to bear on the creation of value for businesses. Being a graduate of Electrical Engineering, I never thought of coming up with a completely diverse career in IT and management. I would highly recommend this course if you wanted to pursue your career in Information systems, IS/ ICT Management, enterprise IT business process engineering and optimization, project management, IS audit, or data mining. Do not hesitate to reach me, including alumni, for help, whether it is regarding any information or seeking career advice via LinkedIn.


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