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    Hi, my name is Rohith. I’m from India. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering. Following that, I worked in the IT industry for around five years. When I realized it was time to change my lifestyle and natural environment to help me keep pace with an ever-changing world, I decided to further my education in a different country. For someone who always kept updated on modern time education, Czechia has always been my preferred destination. After detailed research, I found the Prague University of Economics and Business the most promising institution for my studies. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and I found the living conditions, environment, and native lifestyle genuinely appealing. Adapting was an exciting experience since it is a completely different environment from my home country.

    I joined the master’s program in Information Systems Management (ISM) because it matched my academic requirement while the coursework aligned with my subject interests and experience. Now, I can confidently say that this program is designed to provide solid practical expertise to the students while giving a glimpse of the modern and emerging theories in Information Technology, which will constructively complement anyone with an interest or experience in the field. The learning modules within the comprehensive curriculum are fascinating, and the coursework provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of IT. I feel more attached to the institution because of the university’s programs, systematic values of teaching, and management’s vision for the students.

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