New obligations regarding COVID-19 – updated


There are new obligations connected with crossing the borders.



  • Are you from high-risk countries? (usually non-EU countries, but there are some exceptions – Thailand, Korea or Canada are low-risk countries)

    • Before entering the country, you have to fill in following electronic form (print the form or do a pdf copy, you will be asked to show it at the borders).
    • Undergo a PCR test  for SARS CoV-2 at your own expense (during the first 5 days), the result must  be notified to the given hygienic station no later than 7 days after entering the territory of the Czech Republic.
    • If you stay at the dormitory, you will be accommodated in a special area. Please, cooperate with the dormitory staff, follow their instructions and do not leave your room until your test is negative and you are allowed by the dormitory to do so.
    • Email your test results to the given
    • During the first 10 days all foreigners must wear face-masks or respirators and limit their free movement in the territory (only journeys to university, travel required to arrange essential life needs, travel to healthcare facilities and social services facilities, travel to take care of urgent official matters).


  • Contact information of the Prague hygiene station:
    +420 227 272 065 – from 8:00 till 18:00 every day



Protective Measure – Ministry of Health

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  • Face-mask-wearing is compulsory in all indoor places and outside for all pedestrians if people are closer than two meters apart (except of families walking together and people doing sport) – valid from 21 October.
  • Groups of a maximum of six people can meet.
  • Restaurants, bar, discos and clubs are closed.
  • Concerts, theater performances  are banned, museums, galleries, castles, chateaux and similar historical or cultural objects, observatories and planetariums are also closed.
  • Sports grounds in indoor buildings (e.g. gyms, courts, fitness centers swimming pools etc.) are closed.
  • Groups of a maximum of two people can enter and stay in the shopping malls, shops and service points.
  • Drinking of alcohol at public places is banned.

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