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1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Holidays

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The main goal of Statistics field at doctoral study is the education of top-ranking
researchers and specialists with profound statistics education and knowledge of foreign and
domestic literature, able to participate in valuable applications at solving important
macroeconomic, banking, firms’ and other problems. Teaching in doctoral study in the field
of statistics is to give the doctoral students not only the view on contemporary development in
statistics theory, give them an opportunity of demanding specialised study, but also inform
them about new application knowledge and new approaches to transformation of public
statistics in the sense of present foreign discussions about this topic. The experience shows
that such qualified graduates are very desirable and thus have a very good use. Professional
level of pedagogues participating in teaching process to students at doctoral study field of
Statistics (above all the Departments of statistics and probability, economic statistics), as well
as a relatively large number of professors and readers, enable to offer also a number of
specialised and broadly aimed subjects besides the compulsory ones.
Study field of Statistics broadens the offer of specialized study in the sphere in which
there is a clear lack of young (especially), highly qualified professionals. Graduates should
assert themselves not only within public statistics service, but also as qualified experts desired
by all institutions requiring not only professional knowledge of statistics and exact way of
thinking but also the ability to formulate more complex tasks, perfect knowledge of work with
statistics computer products and economic knowledge.