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Faculty of Informatics and Statistics in its current form was established during the reorganization of the Prague University of Economics and Business as one of its five faculties in 1991. It merges departments and fields of study dealing with information systems with the use of computers and statistical, econometric and other mathematical methods applied in all areas of the business life, as well as philosophy problematic.

Those are modern disciplines, both in our country and abroad growing rapidly. Their teaching at the University has traditionally had high qualities. When we read in daily press the articles of the economists who have graduated and successfully applied in developed western countries, we can notice that they recall statistics and econo-mathematical methods as the subjects, where they received education at high level even in pre-November period of the Czech Republic. There is also high expert potential in the area of computer science, which in combination with good technological base can provide studies of excellent level.

Teaching econometrics and other economic-mathematical methods and informatics disciplines was gradually developing at the University from late 50’s. Statistics have followed the older tradition of statistical studies of insurance at the University of special sciences, which had an excellent level (beginnings already in 1904), and lectures on this subject at the pre-war Business university.

Nine departments of our faculty are involved in making and sharpening the profile of the student both in bachelor and master studies and also provide teaching subjects of a common basis and elective courses in other fields of study Economics. Faculty also organizes doctoral fields of Computer Science, Statistics, Econometrics and Operations Research. Also participates in the activities of the Institute of lifelong education and retraining of Economics.

Research activities of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics in theoretical, but also applied research are focused on the problems of optimal decision-making and macroeconomic regulation, the econometric and statistical modeling and forecasting, and management issues of information systems and information technology development. Research activities of departments are mainly focused on grants printed by various grant agencies. Many departments are involved in other projects and solutions for the needs of practice. The results of these tasks are research studies, design documents or specialized software.

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