ISM – Information Systems Management


Quick facts


The 6th best programme in the field of Information Systems Management in the Eastern Europe according to the Eduniversal Ranking.

Eduniversal Ranking
The ISM Master Programme is designed to train specialists in the development and management of information systems, existing either in business companies or in the public sector, able to flexibly respond to the needs and challenges of the continuously changing IS/ICT and business environments.


  • study degree – Graduate/ Master
  • language – English
  • credits/ study durations – 120 ECTS/ two years study programme
  • form of study – full-time programme
  • tuition fee – 3.800 EUR per academic year



Key fields of study:Curriculum and structure

  • IS/ ICT Management
  • enterprise IT
  • business process engineering and optimization
  • project management
  • IS audit
  • data mining
Compulsory/ core courses 48 ECTS
Elective/ optional courses 27 ECTS
Minor specialization 30 ECTS
STUDY ABROAD PERIOD optional in 3rd semester
State Exams + Defend of the Master´s Thesis 15 ECTS

Study plan



Career Prospects

Typically ISM graduates will be prepared to successfully perform in positions such as:

  • IT manager
  • project manager
  • IS auditor
  • knowledge engineer
  • business analyst or consultant.



Degree/ Academic Title

ISM Master Programme is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic as a second-cycle higher education qualification.

According to the Czech legislation,  graduates of the programme will be awarded the academic degree Ing. inženýr (engineer), which is the academic title awarded to graduates of master’s programmes in specific fields including economics, technical sciences and technologies.
The degree’s abbreviation Ing. is to be used before the name of the graduate (e.g. Ing. Jan NOVAK).