Cost of living

  • Tuition fee (1.900 EUR/ per semester)
  • Accommodation (699 – 1.360 EUR/ per semester)
  • Food (1070 EUR/ per semester)
  • Transportation (25 EUR – 55 EUR/ per semester)
  • Health insurance (500-800 EUR/ per year)



You have a variety of options when it comes to accommodation. The most convenient and recommended option for foreign students is to arrange accommodation through our school. Our university offers dormitories for students. It is located at “Jarov”, approximately 10-15 minutes away from the university by public transport.You can also arrange accommodation yourself. You just need to be careful when choosing the apartment. Always consider the distance from the university. It is also usually way more expensive.

More information


Students of our university have two discounted meals per day in university canteens located at “Žižkov” and “Jarov (dormitories)”. Even if you want to have more than two meals per day, the price is very reasonable. You can also eat in a variety of restaurants located around the school. The average price for a meal in restaurants is about 7 Euro (with beverage).Another available option for students is to cook their meals at home. The dormitories are equipped by a kitchen with a cooker, oven, and refrigerator.


To move throughout Prague, you will almost certainly need to use public transportation services. Public transport in Prague is one of the most reliable services in Europe. It is also the cheapest option to get somewhere in the city. The tickets can be purchased at the major subway stations, in ddp booths. The only requirement for buying discounted monthly or yearly ticket is possession of a public transportation card (Lítačka) or validated international student card (ISIC). You can get “lítačka” at Škodův palác or online. International student card “ISIC” can be purchased and validated at our university. Click here to find out more information about public transport tickets and fares.