PhD Admission procedure

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Required documents, which are necessary to add to the admission exam:

  • declaration of previous and parallel studies,
  • structured CV, 
  • the document of higher education,
  • research project proposal (name of supervisor has to be included; Applied Informatics –  length approx. 5 pages; Econometrics and Operations Research, Statistics – length approx. 2 pages).

The admission examination (interview) is conducted in English language.

Foreigners, who are going to study in Czech, will be also asked to take a written and oral exam in the Czech language on the same day. Only applicants from the Slovak Republic are excluded from this requirement.

During the admission exam will be discussed the field of interest of the doctoral studies to confirm student’s professional interest in further education and  professional knowledge of English.

The list of supervisors and topics for the academic year 2024/2025 can be found here – FIS PhD Dissertation topics 2024_2025






Conditions of the admission procedure

  • Applicants have to pass the admission exam.
  • Applicants have to fill in an online application form and pay  the application fee  (50 EUR – PhD programs taught in English, 930 CZK – PhD programs taught in Czech) at latest till  31st May 2024 (for the application round I) and at latest till 31st  August 2024 (for the application round II).
  • The applicant will receive the payment details for the application fee on the email address provided in the application form, the bank account number and the variable symbol. The fee can  be paid only by postal order or bank transfer. Different payment methods are not allowed. If the amount will be lower (eg. the bank will deduct some bank fees), the application will be not finished. The payment must be received no later than 31st May 2024 (round I) and 31st August 2024 (round II).
  • The applicant is allowed to submit applications for more programs (not forms of study). Application for each program has to be sent  separately, fee has to be paid for each of the program. However, for doctoral studies, the applicant is expected to have a clear interest in a specific field of study.
  • The application fee is not refundable.


Mandatory attachments to the application

Following application documents have to be delivered to the Faculty by 31st May 2024 (application round I) and by 31st August 2024 (application round II).

  • The appendix to the application form and the declaration of parallel studies, is part of the electronic application form.
  • Structured professional CV, optionally with the list of own published professional publications with a brief annotation and reviews of these publications.
  • An electronic form of a certified conversion of the document of higher education, or diploma and final certificate; VŠE FIS applicants don’t have to supply the certified diploma, the system will pair and verify the diploma of completion of the master’s degree with the application itself.
    A graduate of a higher education institution abroad proves the proper completion of the master’s degree by submitting a proof of general recognition of foreign higher education according to the instructions on the website
    Applicant, who expects to complete his Master’s degree after the application deadline, or who is waiting on the recognition of the previous education, has to submit the proof of higher education no later than  by the date of decision on admission.
  • Research project proposal -the area of research described according to the requirements of the Faculty (details below).


Recognition of the previous education in the Czech Republic

The recognition of the master’s degree for purpose of the admission procedure at the Prague University of Economics and Business can be done due to the new institutional accreditation at our institution, it is a legal requirement according to Czech law.
We require the hard copies (have to be true of copies notarized/ verified by a notary office) of:

  • final transcript of records (diploma supplement)
  • diploma certificate
  • both documents are accepted in English, if the documents were not issued in English by the university then you are requested to send also the official/verified translation of the documents to the English or Czech language
  • applicant submits the request at the website


Conditions of admissions

The admission interview is conducted in English, to prove also the professional level of language skills. A part of the admission interview is analysis of the research project proposal. It is also necessary to state the name of the supervisor.  The list of supervisors and topics for the academic year 2024/25 can be found here.

Program Applied informatics  – the applicant has to present an approximately 5 pages long document in English as a basis for the discussion during the  admission exam in the following structure:

    1. definition of the field,
    2. topical theoretical and practical questions related to the chosen field,with the reference to literature(see  point 3),
    3. a list of the relevant literature, including a list of institutions and researchers working in the chosen field if needed,
    4. the applicant’s own skills in the field (Master’s thesis, publications, practice),
    5. definition of the thesis’ objectives, a concept of methods used in achieving the objectives, as well as an tentative idea of the possible nature of scientific results (e.g. new empirical findings, methodology, prototype software, etc.) and how to verify their validity / applicability.

Additional and explanatory information for the admission exam for  Applied Informatics program can be found here.

Programs Econometrics and Operations Research and Statistics  – the applicant has to present a two pages long document in English about the area of research.

Detailed information on the admission procedure to doctoral programs at the Prague University of Economics and Business can be found on the website of the Department of Science and Research.

Topics for the admission exam

  1. Economic environment and informatics
  2. IS/ICT trends. Critical success factors and risks of IS/ICT
  3. Methodology of creating information systems, basic approaches to IS development
  4. Methodologies, methods, techniques and tools of IS development, conventions for the creation of IS/ICT
  5. Application software for business management, essential parameters of application software packages, tender for the supply of IS/ICT
  6. EDI and e-commerce
  7. The role of business processes in the development of IS/ICT
  8. Database design, distributed database
  9. Computer networks (LAN, WAN), ensuring security in computer networks
  10. Program system design, program system modularity
  11. Technological architecture
  12. Data warehouses, data mining
  13. Internet, WWW
  14. Knowledge systems
  15. Concept of data, information and knowledge; interconnections in information processes
  16. The essence and practical significance of soft systems methodology
  1. Areas of application of mathematical programming models in economics
  2. Linear programming – formulation of basic types of problems and their solutions
  3. Discrete models of linear programming and their solutions
  4. Software systems for solving mathematical programming problems
  5. Stochastic models – inventory management and collective service models
  6. Simulation models of economic processes
  7. Models of multicriteria decision making, Tasks of multicriteria programming and multicriteria evaluation of variants
  8. Econometric methods in economic forecasting
  9. Application of econometric macromodels of optimal management in anticipating the impacts of monetary and fiscal policy
  10. Estimation and testing procedures for single-equation regression and multi-equation simultaneous econometric models
  11. Use of game theory in economic task
  1. Description and presentation of data
  2. Probability theory
  3. Mathematical statistics
  4. Sample surveys
  5. Regression and correlation analysis
  6. Time series analysis
  7. Multidimensional statistical methods
  8. Economic and social statistics
  9. National accounting

Note: Knowledge in the entrance exam is required in the scope of the state final exam for the master’s study field “statistics”.