Information for newly admitted students

information was updated on June 22

  1. Let recognise your previous studies at VSE, if you haven’t asked for that earlier. It is a legal requirement to be able to enroll you to studies.

  2. Start to prepare your Visa application ASAP! The Visa procedure takes 60 days after final submission of your Visa application.
  3. Appointment at the Embassy – Usually the appointment has to be done via email or a phone call. In some cases we can nominate student for a Student Visa mode (režim student).
  4. Submit the application for dorms! The applications will be open from June 6 to July 4, fill in the online form in ISKAM, pay the booking deposit. Moving in to dormitories is possible from September 7.*

  5. Enroll to studies! Binding online enrollment has to be done in May and June (forms are open from May 5 to June 30).

  6. Pay the tuition fee for the first semester in amount of 1.900 EUR! The payment instructions are available in the online enrollment application, the payment deadline is by 1st September.

  7. New to Prague? Would you like to get some help from VŠE current students?  ASK FOR A BUDDY – request for EDA students, request for ISM students! Application deadline – July 31.

  8. Arrange the health insurance for your stay in Prague! Visa students need to contract an insurance according to a special legal regulation by VZP Insurance company only. Prepare your insurance after your Visa application will be approved.

  9. One week before the semester start, there is  the ORIENTATION WEEK (13-16 September).  You will get information on VSE, study rules, life in Prague. The lectures start on Monday 19th  September.

*Students can move in to dormitories starting from September 7. Before this date, they can use hotel accommodation in dorms. If you come not within the office hours of dormitories, contact your dormitory management, to discuss, where to let you the key to your room. If you come after September 19, contact the dormitories also. More information find here.


Webinars for newly admitted students – August-September






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