FIS Masters ALUMNI Evening

The FIS Masters Office organized reunion of all  ISM, QEA, MOS and EDA alumni on November 10, 2022. There were invited graduates, who had finished the studies just newly this summer, but also those who had graduated already 5 years ago.


We met in the Restaurant AK in the VSE Campus. First, Dean of  the Faculty, prof. Fischer, welcomed all attendees. Then there was a short game prepared for our former students and additionally, there was some refreshment and drinks.

For our faculty it is important to meet the alumni regularly, it is a way, how to receive some feedback on the study programmes, and to get know, how successfull our graduates are in their career. Also it is always a pleasure to meet former students again and we are really happy, that they are willing to return to the alma mater repeatedly. This makes us very proud.

This was already the third meeting of FIS Masters alumni. The first took place already in 2018, then in 2019 and unfortunatelly, then there was a two-years gap caused by the covid disease. We hope, that the next reunion will take place next year again, as usual, one evening right before the FIS Master graduation ceremony of new graduands.

We would like to thank all FIS Masters Alumni and teachers for joining this event.


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