Flashback: FIS Masters Registration Day

On Tuesday, September 14, we welcomed new FIS Masters students at the University Campus, students of the English taught programs Information Systems Management (ISM) and Economic Data Analysis (EDA).

Ms Svatá, the professor of the Department of Systems Analysis and academic guarantor of the ISM program  and Ms. Brunerová, FIS Master coordinator, greeted new students. And then there was space to introduce students themselves.

This year, some students started the courses online, because they are still waiting  on Visa in their home countries. The compulsory courses within the first semester are therefore taught in hybrid form, classes are streamed, so the class can be visited by present students and also by students, who are still far away.

Also the Registration Day was held in this way, some students were present at VŠE and some were connecting the event online, via MS Teams. It was a new experience for all of us.

This year we are happy to have a really big class of both, ISM and EDA class, together there are 58 new students!!!

We wish good luck to all new students!


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