Birthday of VŠE – April 26

On Wednesday, April 26th, the largest festival of VŠE students took place at Jarov – the long-awaited celebration of the school’s 70th birthday, which was attended by 2,350 people!

As part of the event, the traditional Faculty Battle took place, in which the individual faculties competed for the Rector’s Cup. Among the representatives of all six faculties, four intense competitions took place, including the strength competition, a competition among favorite teachers, a contest among student senators, and the election of the festival king and queen. Visiting students could also support their faculty by earning points through participation in various activities organized by student associations. For the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics it was organization 4FIS that provided pleasant entertainment.

The competition was very close, but thanks to the great support of the visitors and the successful performance of the representatives, the students of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics became the king and queen of this year’s festival.

We thank everyone for their great attendance and representation of the faculty. We look forward to seeing you again next year when we will try together to defend the title of king and queen of the festival and win the Rector’s Cup!

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