Information for foreigners


In case you studied secondary school (for applicants to a Bachelor’s study program) / Bachelor’s degree (for applicants to a Master’s program) abroad, you have to let recognize your previous education. You have two options:

The certificate of recognition of your previous education is necessary to submit at latest on the day of enrollment to studies.

In case you cooperate with an agency, which helps you with moving to the Czech Republic, don’t read the points 3,6 and 7.
Start to organize your Visa procedure immediately after your enrollment to studies. The Visa procedure itself takes, after final submission of the Visa application, up to 60 days according to Czech law. Prepare all documents and book an appointment at the Czech Embassy in advance.
Students can apply either for a long-term Visa for purpose of studies or for a long-term residence card for purpose of studies.
For both applications you usually need (check concrete requirements at the webpage bellow, depends on the type of Visa):
• A valid travel document
• One photograph
• Confirmation of acceptance to studies
• Proof of accommodation
• Proof of funds (check the required amount at the webpage of the Ministry of Interior)
• Usually also a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register
• Pay the administrative fee
All documents have to be submitted in the Czech language. In case the document has been issued in another language, you have to care for official translation to the Czech Language.

You will be asked to provide a valid health insurance before issuing of the Visa to your passport. Starting from August 2, 2021, the comprehensive health insurance can be contracted only by VZP Pojišťovna.

The confirmation of acceptance to studies for Visa purpose can be issued to you the following day, after you will be registered to studies. You need the hard copy, original.

If you forget to ask for this confirmation in time, please contact your study department.

We usually send the confirmation via Czech Post, the delivery can take few weeks.

The confirmation can be issued only by the Department of Administration of Facilities (dormitories, DAF/SUZ).
After your enrollment to studies, you have to submit a request for accommodation in dormitories first and pay the booking deposit (5.OOO,- CZK).

Afterwards fill in the request for issuing of the proof of accommodation for Visa purpose. There is a fee for issuing of this proof in amount of 200,- CZK.

You can pick up the proof in person at the Central accommodation office or let send via the Czech Post for a fee.

Charge your ISKAM account with a minimum of 5.400 CZK – 5.000 deposit, 200 confirmation fee, 200 postage.

Don’t forget to fill in  your whole postal address, incl. the ZIP code. The delivery will take few weeks.

Book an appointment at the Czech Embassy for purpose of submission of your Visa application in advance. To be able to start your studies in time, you have to submit your Visa application at latest at the end of July. Booking of the appointment has to be done usually via email or phone call, it depends on the given Embassy.

In case there is a problem to get an appointment at the given Embassy,  we will try to nominate you to for the Student Visa mode (režim student).

This program is only for purpose to receive an appointment at the Embassy in priority, it has no influence on the Visa procedure itself.

The program has following rules:
• It is scheduled only for following countries.
• Student can be nominated only in the country of his/her citizenship (in case you have for example Russian citizenship, but you live in another country, we can nominate you only for Embassies in the Russian Federation).
• We can nominate only a student, whose nostrification/recognition of previous studies is ready (a copy of such document has to be attached to the nomination list).
• We can nominate only students, who have been full accepted to Bc, Ing or PhD program at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics.

Before you will ask us for the nomination, make sure, that your Visa application is completed, you have prepared all Visa required documents.(point 3) We can nominate every student only once. The nominations are open twice a month. Officers at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports asses the nominations according to following criteria: priority have applicants to a higher study degree and also students to programs taught in foreign languages, self-funded students.

Deadlines for nomination to Student Visa Mode are:
April 3, April 17, May 1, May 15

Fill in this online form to be nominated.


If you received the long-term Visa for purpose of studies, don’t forget, that you have to report to the Foreign Police within three working days after your arrival to the Czech Republic. In case you live in the dormitory, this announcement will be done by the Central accommodation office.
In case you received the long-term residence card for purpose of studies, you have not only report to the Foreign Police, but also to report within three working days after entering the Czech Republic to the Ministry of Interior/Department for Asylum and Migration Policy in person for the purpose of carrying out activities associated with issuing a biometric residence card (there may be also reported the arrival).
Book an appointment for the biometric in advance via the online reservation portal or by phone call.

You have to fill in the online arrival form before entering the country (print the form or do a pdf copy, you will be asked to show it at the borders) and you have also to undergo a PCR test for SARS CoV-2 at your own expense before or/and after arrival to the Czech Republic and undergo an obligatory self-isolation (depends on the country where are you traveling from) – more information find at this webpage.