Information for newly admitted students

Have you been admitted to the ISM/ QEA or MOS programme? Will you start your studies at FIS in September 2019?


We have prepared an overview with the most important things to do before the start of classes.


  1. Apply for Visa, the Visa procedure itself takes 2-3 months after submitting the Visa application! Don´t underestimate the Visa procedure.

  2. Submit the application for dorms! The application will be open from 5th June to 5th July, fill in the online form in ISKAM, pay the booking deposit.

  3. Arrange your health insurance for your stay in Prague! Visa students need to contract an insurance according to a special legal regulation.

  4. Arrange your plane ticket to Prague. Moving into dormitories is possible from 9th September. Interested to get any information about Prague?

  5. Will you come for the first time to Prague? Would you like to get some help from our current students? Ask for a Buddy.

  6. Registration to studies is planned for 10th and 11th September. Your participation on both days is obligatory. 10-15 September – Orientation Week.


  7. Join the trip to Karlštejn castle on Sunday 15 September! Get know a beautiful castle near to Prague and meet your classmates.

  8. The semester beginns on Monday September 16th.  You will register for classes and get your timetable on 10 and 11 September – Orientation Week.