Teaching regime in the summer semester

Based on the current epidemiological situation and with regard to the fact that its significant improvement cannot be expected until the beginning of the summer semester, the Rector of VŠE decided in agreement with the Deans of faculties that teaching in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes in the summer semester will begin in a distance form. A possible return to full-time teaching would occur during the semester if the epidemiological situation and its expected development improves enough to allow full-time teaching without significant restrictions until the end of the semester (it would require transition to and keeping in the first or the second level within the current anti-epidemic system PES).

Teaching of physical education courses will also take place in a distance form. Teachers of these courses will contact via MS teams with the enrolled students for the first lesson of the semester of the week from February 15, 2021.



The modes at VSE are set in subordination to the government measures as well as the measures of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Find more information on the Czech anti-epidemic system (PES) here.