New Measures at FIS (following released restrictive measures ) after May 11 – new updates

1) Classes in the summer semester end on May 15, 2020, the examination period starts on May 18 and ends on June 26, 2020.


2) Final exams, final state exams and other activities can take place at VŠE (max.15 people).

Read complete information at the VŠE webpage.

A student may participate in an examination or other activity at VŠE only if the following conditions are met:
  • prove its identity with a student´s ID card to the security staff while entering the building
  • be free from acute health problems corresponding to a viral infectious disease (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.)
  • have no quarantine measures ordered at the given time
  • provide a written affidavit on the absence of symptoms of a viral infectious disease during the previous two weeks
  • wear a respiratory protective device (mask, respirator, scarf, etc.)
  • use hand sanitizer before entering the room
  • use of respiratory protective device during state final examinations, defenses of final theses and comprehensive examinations in minor specialization is to be decided by the chairman of the examination commission
Entrance will be allowed to the students who:
  • take a state final examination or its part, a comprehensive examination in minor specialization, a state doctoral examination, defense a dissertation or take a partial exam from the course enrolled in the summer semester
  • come for a pre-arranged consultation with an VŠE employee
  • come to pick up ordered study literature in the library
The affidavit will be collected by the security staff at the entrance to the school; without the affidavit, no student will be allowed to enter the VŠE premises.
Entrance of external persons into the VŠE premises is not restricted, but everyone must fill in an affidavit.



3) Final state exams at FIS will take place in person at VŠE, if none of the valid restrictions prevents students from personal participation (follow the measures in point 2).

In case you can’t participate the exam in person because you left Czechia during the coronavirus restrictions, write a request in InSIS at latest 14 days before the exam to receive the possibility to attend the exam online.


4) Final exams for courses can be taken online or at school, you will be informed by the teachers about the way of exams  till May 11 at latest.

In case there would be some changes in the course requirements (more points for seminar papers, oral examination instead of  tests…), you will be also informed till May 11.


5) Graduation ceremonies in June are cancelled, incl. the English ceremony on June 25. The ceremonies (Master programs) will be postponed to September.


6) FIS Master Office is open for students again (from May 13):

Monday and Wednesdays: 10:00-12:00

Only for current students, arrange your meeting before coming to VŠE and follow all rules in point 2.