Extraordinary regulation at FIS (online learning) – UPDATES

Due to an extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which with effect from March 11, 2020 forbids the personal presence of students in classes, we ask our students to contact their teacher, Thesis supervisors, FIS Master office and other Faculty staff via email, telephone, InSIS or other online application.

Full-time teaching at VŠE will not be possible at least until mid-May 2020 (according to the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports).

The form and content of the lectures will be set by guarantors of particular courses (online lectures, seminar papers, sharing of presentations..). Students will be informed by teachers electronically. Most of the classes should be held as video lectures via MS TEAMS or ZOOM.

More information to online lectures here.

In case of any questions contact your teachers via email or the FIS Master office on

fismaster@vse.cz or 721 910 984 (phone or WhatsApp)