Presentations on minor specializations and studying abroad – 27.11.

Presentations for 1st year students,  in classroom RB 109.


Minor specializations:

1st year students of the ISM program have to choose their minor specialization in December/ January (1.12.2019 – 8.1.2020).



12:00 – Consulting (L. Tyll – Academic director of English taught programs at the Faculty of Business Administrations and lecturer of the course Growth Strategies)

12:20 – Marketing (M. Karlíček, the academic guarantor of the Marketing specialization  and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration +  R.Tahal, lecturer of the course Marketing Research)

12:45- Economic Data Analysis (J. Fischer, the academic guarantor of the EDA specialization and Dean of FIS)


More information on minors



Study abroad:

Students of ISM and QEA program can spend their 3rd semester abroad at the exchange mobility at one of the VŠE partner University.

13:30 – Study abroad presentation (L.Filáčková – International Office VŠE)

More information on study abroad possibilities