Study abroad period

Exchange – Erasmus mobility

Exchange mobilities are administrated in the International Office ((Oddělení zahraničních styků, Rajská Building- 5th floor).


 Where to study abroad?


When can I study abroad?

  • In the 3rd  semester.
  • Please note if you are interested in getting abroad you need to participate in the selection proces.


Exchange – Erasmus student status

  • During your study abroad period you remain (have to remain) being a student of VŠE and all your rights and duties related to this status remain the same (including the duty of paying the MOS tuition fee).
  • The courses studied abroad and credits gained for them will be recognized as a part of your studies at VŠE (mainly as elective courses/ elective courses from the minor specialization)
  • You do not pay any tuition fees to the partner university (host institution).
  • You will receive a grant / scholarship/ financial support intended to help to cover the travel, housing and meal costs related to your study period abroad.


Erasmus grant

  • See here


Selection procedure

  • See here
  • Schedule of the selection procedure


 Administration of the exchange procedure

  • See here


Accomodation and insurance

  • Please note that not all partner schools are able to provide on campus accommodation to international students. Nevertheless all partners provide international students help in accommodation matters.
  • Even if you are a European Health Insurance Card holder, it is still recommended to buy a commercial travel insurance policy.