International Week

International Week 2019

The Faculty of Informatics and Statistics (FIS) organizes once a year an international week  (I-Week) when we invite 3-5 teachers, each of them gives an intensive lecture for 3 ECTS which is offered to Master´s students at FIS as an elective course. Students can choose one course every year from the given offer, the list of courses varies from year to year. We try to invite new teachers. Working language is English.

This year the I-Week  takes place 21 – 24 January. The lectures are held from Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 from morning 8:30 to 4pm.
On Thursday 24 January there is the International Day, all guest professors will shortly introduce their topic and outcomes.

Course requirements:
  • full attendace on the course (from Monday – Thursday, incl. the International Day)
  • write a final assignmet (project, seminar paper)
There is still available capacity in courses 4SA434 and 4EK613, the registration to this courses (in InSIS) is open till December 14. Other courses are full.

Course offer 2019




Monday 21st  January –the first day of teaching activities – 8:30am – 4pm

Tuesday 22nJanuary – the second day of teaching activities – 8:30am – 4pm

Wednesday 23rdJanuary –the last day of teaching activities – 8:30am – 4pm

Thursday 24th January – the International Day (short introductory presentations given by guest lecturers) – 10am – 1pm



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