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MARK VAN DER LOO – Statistical Data Cleaning with R

Offered by the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Course in InSIS – 4ST460, classroom – NB 471, Max. number of students 25

Mark van der Loo received his PhD in molecular physics in 2008 from Radboud University in Nijmegen. He is currently a Senior Methodologist at Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and a Research Fellow at the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) of the University of Leiden. His main research interest is Statistical Computing in the broadest sense. Mark has published popular R packages and scholary articles in the area of statistical data cleaning. Together with Edwin de Jonge he published ‘Statistical data cleaning with applications in R’ with Wiley Scientific publishers (2018). Mark is currently on the editorial board of the R Journal and co-organizer of the annual ‘use of R in official Statistics conference’. At CBS he coordinates the ‘hard skills’curriculum for all employees, besides being active in consultancy and research. In Leiden he collaborates with the Network Science group to develop methods and algorithms for disclosure control of (social) network data.

Course syllabus: The course consists of short lectures interchanged with many exercises. Participants are expected to bring a laptop with a recent version of R and RStudio installed. The following R packages should be installed as well: validate, errorlocate, stringdist, dcmodify, simputation, lumberjack, rspa.

ANDREJA PUCIHAR – Digital Business Model Design

Offered by the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Course in InSIS – 4SA630, classroom – NB 472, Max. number of students 25

Andreja Pucihar is a full professor of information systems at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor and the head of the undergraduate and master’s study program of the organization and management of information systems. She is also the head of the eCenter – digital business lab. Her research focuses mainly on innovations in the field of information systems, especially on innovation, digital transformation and digital business models. She regularly publishes her research in international journals and at the conferences. She has over 20 years of experiences with industrial and international European projects, which have been mainly focused on digitalization, digital transformation and support for small and medium-sized enterprises and digital education and innovation.

Course syllabus: The course provides a comprehensive exploration of digital transformation and its impact on various industries and our daily lives. Students will gain understanding of (disruptive) digital technologies and their implications for businesses, especially from the perspective of their potential to reshape traditional business models. The course provides also insights into case studies featuring enterprises that have successfully embraced digital transformation, allowing students to draw valuable insights from real-world examples.

MIRJANA KLJAJIĆ BORŠTNAR – Introduction to machine learning with hands on training

Offered by the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Course in InSIS – 4IZ573 , classroom – SB 208, max. number of students 25

Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar is a full professor of information systems at the University of Maribor. She received her PhD in management information systems from the University of Maribor. She is a member of the Laboratory of Decision Processes and Knowledge-Based Systems. Her research includes decision support systems, multi-criteria decision making, data mining, and organizational learning. She is the author and co-author of several scientific articles published in recognized international journals and conferences, including Expert Systems with Applications, Industrial Management and Data Systems, Electronics, PLOS One, Group Decision and Negotiation, and System Dynamics Review.

Course syllabus: Data mining and machine learning in its core have become important tools in numerous industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and technology etc. They empower us to unlock the potential, hidden within the huge amount of data generated every day, enabling us to make data-driven decisions, develop accurate predictive models, and gain a deeper understanding of complex systems.

LINA DAGILIENĖ – Accounting for Sustainability

Offered by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting
Course in InSIS – 1MU555 , classroom – RB 112, max. number of students 40

Dr. Lina Dagilienė Current research interests among other include corporate sustainability and CSR, circular business models and circular (eco) innovation, sustainable products (services) creation, sustainability reporting, and ethics in audit. Research group – Digitalization (Lina Dagilienė | Researcher’s Profile – Kaunas University of Technology | KTU)

Course syllabus: The course aims to provide with the knowledge and skills to understand the link between corporate sustainability and financially-material sustainability information. The content of this course covers the topics of corporate sustainability and industry-specific sustainability factors, sustainability reporting guidelines including ESG reporting, environmental management accounting framework and tools, integration with eco-efficiency indicators, and generally the role of accounting in corporate sustainability management.
Teaching methods: lecture & workshops (group discussion, case study canvas).

CARSTEN WILKEN – Financial management and financial planning: A Simulation case study

Offered by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting
Course in InSIS – 1FP556, classroom – RB 106, max. number of students 25

Professor Wilken received his doctorate from the University of Göttingen in 1992. In 1993 he joined Preussag AG as controller and executive assistant. In 1996 he became Managing Director of Peiner Umformtechnik GmbH. And since 1998 he has been Head of Worldwide Controlling at Benteler AG. Since 2013, he has been Vice President for Studies, Teaching and International Affairs at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. Since 2000 he has been a professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Emden/Leer; Department of Controlling. Web site of professor Wilken.
In his research and work you will mainly encounter Controlling, Strategic Management and Cost Accounting. And what can students expect? High determination and dedication, intensive preparation, willingness to perform and most importantly fun in the subject.
Course syllabus: The course focuses on financial management as a tool for business decision making. It is lectured by prof. Carsten Wilken form University of Applied Sciences Emden, Germany.All topics presented will be taught theoretically (by explaining, lecturing, practicing) and then applied by students practically. The teaching method is a simulation game TopSim General Management. Students will run a nationally active manufacturer of copiers. They will compete in the same market, and thus they will be competing against each other. Students receive numerous reports like balance sheet, profit and loss statement, CF-Statement, Cost-Accounting reports, market reports, HR-reports etc. Students will have to sort and analyze the data and decide on all business matters, such as strategy, marketing (4P), production, logistics, HR, finance and alike. Students not only learn the methods, but also, how to deal with practical problems of for example conflicting data inputs, uncertainty, excessive data. They will train their skills to derive the needed inputs.
Teaching methods: lecture & workshops (group discussion, case study canvas).

JORGE GUILLEN – Managerial Economics: Opportunities to invest in Emerging Countries

Offered by the Faculty of International Relations
Course in InSIS – 2ME437, classroom – NB 458, Max. number of students 25

Jorge Guillen is an associate professor at ESAN Lima, where he has worked as Interim Vice President for Research. Worked as a consultant for international companies and ministries. He holds his PhD from West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA.

Course syllabus: The student will be able to find investment opportunities in emerging countries and will understand the economic outlook in a global conext after Pandemic. The effect of Rusian – Ucranian crisis on development countries is under assesment as well as the recent financial crisis of Silicon Valley and their effects on emerging markets´economy.Upon successful completion, students will be able to understand the forces of supply and demand in emerging markets, analyze the effect of colusion in the markets, and analyse the effect of the recent financial crisis in Latin America and emerging markets.

OLLI KUIVALAINEN – Internationalisation of SMEs and International Entrepreneurship

Offered by the Faculty of International Relations
Course in InSIS – 2IB472, classroom – NB 457, Max. number of students 25

OLLI KUIVALAINEN is a professor of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Lappeenranta University of Technology. In the past, teaching at Manchester University, San Francisco State University and Kingston University. His main research themes are growth, internationalisation and international marketing strategies of the firm, decision-making and governance in internationalisation, and International entrepreneurship and born globals/international new ventures, and micro multinationals

Course syllabus: Internationalisation of SMEs and International Entrepreneurship course examines international opportunities and how to seize them successfully. The main objectives of the course are to inspire students with the vision inherent in international entrepreneurship and SME internationalisation, to increase their awareness of the challenges and obstacles integral with this kind of international expansion strategy and to equip students with the insights, tools, frameworks, and skills necessary to successfully overcome the obstacles and prepare a plan for successful internationalisation. The course provides the students with a guiding framework for market-creation and international strategic planning in the SME context. This would include e.g. the chain of strategic decisions related to internationalization of the SMEs, e.g. the selection of the international market(s) and choice of the entry mode.

JUAN NAGEL – Leading and managing change

Offered by the Faculty of International Relations
Course in InSIS – 2IB353, classroom – NB 474, max. number of students 25

JUAN NAGEL is an economist with interests in teaching innovation, Personnel Economics, Industrial Organization, and Development. Currently at the School of Business and Economics, Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile. Almost 20 years of experience in consulting for international companies in South and North America.

Course syllabus: The ability to understand, lead, and sustain change is an important aspect of managing organizations through complex times. In this course, students will understand the leading theories on change management, the psychology behind people’s reactions to change, and the leadership models that have been at the heart of successful turnarounds. Using case studies, we will dissect the process that makes change possible and desirable.

CHIA-CHI SUN – Strategic Management and Business Model Innovations

Offered by the Faculty of International Relations
Course in InSIS – 2OP326, classroom – NB 469, max. number of students 25

CHIA-CHI SUN is an experienced professor and researcher in Strategic Innovation Management. Currently, he is teaching at Tamkang University. His background is in electric engineering and he is in close collaboration with companies. His main research themes are Technology Management, Innovation Management, and Service Marketing and Management.
Course syllabus: The order of the topics follows the new process structure of the fourth edition, and seems to help students to make sense of this complex and fragmented subject. For each session we identify a key theme in innovation and technology management, suggest readings from the book and elsewhere, and suggest cases, tools and video and audio resources from managing-innovation.com to support seminars, and to help make the learning experience more varied.
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