Information for newly accepted students – updated on June 11

These are information for students, who have been already accepted to studies (ISM or EDA program), passed the admission exam.

  1. Start to prepare your Visa application ASAP! The Visa procedure takes 60 days after final submission of your Visa application. You have in fact two options –  long-term Visa for studies or long-term residence permit.
  2. Appointment at the Embassy -please check if the Czech Embassy in your country has been already opened. Usually the appointment has to be done via email or a phone call. In some cases we can nominate student for a student facilitation program (režim student).
  3. Submit the application for dorms! The applications will be open from 5th   June to 5th July, fill in the online form in ISKAM, pay the booking deposit.

  4. Enroll in studies! Binding online enrollment has to be done till 12th July (students accepted in the first and second application round), till 22nd July  (students accepted in the third application round).

  5. Pay the tuition fee for the first semester in amount of 1.900 EUR! You will receive the payment instructions till 31st July at latest, the payment deadline is by 1st September.

  6. Arrange your health insurance for your stay in Prague! Visa students need to contract an insurance according to a special legal regulation. Prepare your insurance after your Visa application will be approved.

  7. New to Prague? Would you like to get some help from VŠE current students?  ASK FOR A BUDDY!  Request for a Buddy – ISM students, EDA students.

  8. Moving into dormitories will be possible from 14th September. Orientation Days are held 16th-18th September (introductory presentations on studies,  living in Prague and Visa issues).

  9. The lectures start on Monday 21st September.  Students, who will not receive their Visa till the begin of new semester, will be allowed start the studies in distance form.

Information on enrollment in studies and  start of the new semester


  • In June you will receive instructions, how to enroll in studies online. The binding online enrollment has to be done till 12th July (students admitted in the third application round have to submit the online enrollment till 22nd July).
  • All students, who will submit  the binding enrollment, will receive instructions for the payment of the tuition fee for the first semester.
  • The tuition fee for the first semester (1.900 EUR) has to be done before 1st September (start of the new academic year).
  • Students, who will be able to arrive to Prague and can attend the courses at place, will be asked to participate on the Orientation Days and visit the courses in person.
  • Students, who would be not able to arrive to Prague before the start of the new semester (before 21st September) because of the pandemic situation (closed Embassies, late application for Visa, etc.),  will be allowed to start the studies in distance form.
  • The distance form learning can be  organized only within the first semester due to Czech legal requirements (till December 2020). Please prepare your Visa ASAP!
  • The tuition fee for the winter semester is not refundable. In case you would start the studies in any form, you can’t receive the fee back (even in case your Visa application would be denied).
  • In case you haven’t submit us the bachelor’s diploma for purpose of recognition of your previous studies at VŠE yet, note, that this procedure has to be done at latest before 15th October (we need to receive those documents in September at latest). Students, who don’t add us the bachelor’s  diploma and a proof of recognition of those diploma at VŠE or in the Czech republic, will be according to Czech law terminated from studies.