PhD Study programs

Quick facts

  • study degree: Ph.D.
  • language: English/ Czech
  • credits/ study durations: four academic years
  • form of study: full-time/ combined study program
  • tuition fee:

English taught programs – 5.000 EUR/ academic year

Czech taught programs – without tuition fee

Study Plan


Doctoral study is the highest level of higher education in which graduates of master’s degree are recruited with an ability to work creatively in the respective field.

The study is designed for the future workers in science and research, university teachers and workers with experience in senior management positions or working in the field of methodological and conceptual issues.

The doctoral study combines subjects of mostly theoretical nature with scientific and research work of the student under the guidance of respective Professor (or Associate Professor)) of the field.

Usually it is about work on one of the research tasks of the respective department. Students should summarize all the results of their research activities in the dissertation thesis, which, after passing all prescribed examinations, is defended before a committee.

In case of a successful defense of the work, students earn the title “doctor” with the right to use the abbreviation “Ph.D.” after the name.