Master´s Thesis

MT – Deadline overview

  • Before the 3rd semester choose the MT topic and your thesis  supervisor (it is possible to suggest your  own topic after making an arrangement with your supervisor).
  • Register into InSIS  for the Diploma Seminar, there you get detailed instruction how to work at your MT – only ISM students!
  • In the  3rd semester – gather information, sources and researches.
  • In the 4th semester – write and finalise the MT.
  • Submit your MT both in printed form in the ISM/ MOS/ QEA Office and in the online form into InSIS at latest until 3 December 2018. 
  • Defend your MT within your final state examination (at least one week before the state exam you will get the supervisor´s  and opponent´s  reviews). The state exam takes place at the enf of January 2019.

MT – Formal aspects

Lenght of the MT – 20.000 words (60-80 pages).

  • Cover page (hard cover of your work: you can choose whatever color of the buckram you wish – the shop to print & bind it is nearby the university)
  • Title pages: ISM_frontpageMOS_frontpageQEA_frontpage
  • Declaration
  • Acknowledgement (not compulsory)
  • Abstract and keywords (all on one page)
  • Content
  • Text of the thesis (Introduction, Theoretical part, Practical part, Conclusions)
  • List of abbreviations (if applicable)
  • List of tables and charts
  • List of references (literature) and other sources
  • Annexes

All MT are to be checked by the anti-plagiarism software.