Final State Exam

Final State Examination has three parts: state exam from minor field of study + state exam from major field of study + defend of Master´s  Thesis.


State exam from major  QEA/ ISM– student draws two questions from the topics listed on this website and student prepares an oral presentation of his Master´s  Thesis.

There is examing board of 3-5 teachers.



DATES FOR 2018/19
Deadline for submission of MT  3 December 2018/ 29 April 2019/ 30 June 2019
State exam in QEA, MOS and ISM Exam period – January 2019:

QEA – 9 January 2019
ISM – 30 January 2019

Graduation ceremony
MOS students – deadline for submission of Project (Internship), Date of Defend- Project 20 November 2018/ 3 December 2018
QEA students – date of State exam in Insurance Mathematics 29 January 2019