Sport courses

  • Sport courses are organised  by the VŠE Centre for Physical Education and Sports(CTVS; in Czech: Centrum tělesné výchovy a sportu).
  • Sport classes are held once a week. They start at the beginning of classes, i.e. in September and last till the end of classes, i.e. till December.
  • Sport classes are taught in the Czech language nevertheless in following classes teachers are able to give you individual instructions also in English.
  • Sport courses are for free and without credits.


Course code Course name
TVSBAD Badminton
TVSBAS Basketball
TVSFIT Fitness (Aerobic)
TVSFLO Floorball
TVSFOT Football
TVSFKT Functional circuit training
TVSHAZ Handball
TVSHOK Ice Hokey
TVSKAN Canoeing
TVSMFO Minifootball
TVSOUT Outdoor sports
TVSPLA Swimming
TVSPOS Fitness bodybuilding
TVSSEB Self-defence
TVSSPG Artistic gymnastics
TVSSPL Climbing
TVSSER Fencing
TVSVOL  Volleyball