FAQ – for new students!

Covid rules

  • Please check first the level of risk of  your country, the rules and obligations vary depending on the level of risk.
  • Basically there are 5 groups of countries, in the first two levels, no self-isolation (quarantine) is required, just testing, in the last three levels there are either 5 or 10 days self-isolation obligatory and also some testing. There are some exceptions, for example for full-vaccinated people, whose vaccination certificate is recognized in EU (see in next question).

  • Everybody, who is crossing the borders, is obligated to fill in the Passenger Locator Form (arrival form) before entering Czechia.
  • The negative test results after entering the country have to be sent on following email address:
    • your study programme coordinator at VSE,
    • local hygiene station (covid-hc [at] hygpraha.cz),
    • if you stay at the dormitories, to dormitorycoordinator [at] vse.cz as well.
  • Read full information here.


  • Persons, who are fully vaccinated with one of the EU approved vaccines /AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Moderna (Spikevax), Pfizer BioNTech (Comirnaty), Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), Covishield/  in one of the countries given here, can arrive with no additional requirements for any purpose. They will only be required to fill out the Passenger Locator Form (arrival form) before arriving.
  • More information related to the vaccines recognized by the Czech Republic is available here.
  • Students, who have vaccination certificates from EU countries are asked, to upload the certificate to the application Tečka. Install application Tečka to your mobile devices and upload there your vaccination certificate or covid tests.
  • The places, where you can undergo the test, are available on this website (in English). We recommend you to go to GHC GENETICS at Václavské náměstí open daily from 8 AM until 6 PM, phone: (+420) 739 500 500, e-mail: covid@ghc.cz.
  • The list of test centres in Prague is available here.
  • Please follow these rules when you visit a test centre:

  • The covid tests are usually not covered by the Comprehensive Health Insurance for foreigners, please check the rules by your insurance company. The usual price for a PCR test is 800-1.500 CZK, the usual price of an antigen test is 200-400 CZK.
  • Yes, foreigners living in Czechia may be vaccinated with the Comirnaty (Pfizer BioNTech) vaccination against covid-19 disease.
  • Price for self-payers is 810 CZK for one dose, you need two.
  • More information (how to register for vaccination, where to undergo the vaccination) read here.
  • Wearing of a respirator (FFP2 or KN95 ) is obligatory in many public indoor places (University Campus, dormitories, shopping centres, offices, public transport including outdoors at stations) and to keep distance of 2 m from other people.
  • Look for more restrictions here.



  • Please check, if you really booked and finished the reservation of dorms. Is your room really approved in ISKAM?
  • Moving in is possible from September 10, if you come not within the office hours of your dormitory, let know your arrival date to the dormitory management in advance, to let your key at the reception.
  • The dormitory management ask all students to fill in the following form before coming to Prague.
  • If you are not full-vaccinated (with a recognized vaccination certificate in EU), you have to prove a valid test (PCR or antigen) by the dormitory entrance.
  • If you have to undergo self-isolation after arrival to Czechia, book a self-isolation room in advance at your dormitory management.
  • Install application Tečka to your mobile devices and upload there your vaccination certificate or covid tests.

Read here full information on the current rules.

  • All people, who show symptoms of COVID-19, ie especially fever10, cough, dyspnoea, indigestion, loss of smell, general weakness, or other symptoms, are strictly forbidden to enter the VŠE dormitory. If needed, contact the dormitory management to allocate you in the quaratine rooms.
  • Wearing of respirator is obligatory in the common areas of dormitory.
  • Students, who are not full-vaccinated, have to undergo antigen-test every week.
  • Read full rules here.
  • Self-isolation is required only for students, who came from the last three level of risks countries (read more in part covid-rules).
  • And is not required for students, who have been full vaccinated and whose vaccination certificate  is recongized in EU (read more in part covid-rules).
  • Book the self-isolation room in advance by your dormitory management, the number of places is limited. The price for one night is 400 CZK:
  • Dormitory fees for September and October are paid before moving in the dormitory by charging up the main account in ISKAM.
  • Next payment of dormitory fees during academic year can be paid as follows:
  1. via direct debit authorization from an account maintained in CZK with a financial institution with its registered office in the Czech Republic to account No. 1793102/0800. We recommend a monthly direct debit limit of at least 12 000 CZK (in the event that one month’s direct debit is not passed, the next month’s amount will pass through both months). The account number from which the dormitory will be collected must be entered by the resident in ISKAM.
  2. via payment gateway at iskam-web.vse.cz
  3. in case of real necessity, it is possible to pay the dormitory fees at the reception or at the head of the dormitory in cash and by credit card, but we strongly prefer options of payments stated above.


InSIS (Study Information System)

  • Go to https://insis.vse.cz/?lang=en.
  • Use the credentials, which you received from the FIS Master Office. Don’t forget to change your password and check the personal information.
  • Please upload your current contact address and phone number, where we can contact you during your stay in Czechia.
  • The University Email can be found in InSIS. We recommend you to redirect the University email to your personal email.
  • It is the official way for communication with your teachers and other University staff. We will send you information only on your University email. Check your email box regularly!
  • Your email is following – username@vse.cz
  • In InSIS you can see your
    • timetable,
    • grades,
    • study plans,
    • contact on your teachers,
    • you have to register there for courses and exams,
    • submit homeworks, projects and also for example the Master Thesis.
  • Also official request can be sent only via InSIS.



  • At the University Campus and in dorms we use Eduoram.
  • How to connect to Eduoram read here, don’t forget to set a separate eduoram password.
  • In dorms there is also access to cabel internet. Students can connect their computer with a cable to the data socket on the wall. The fixed connection has several advantages over eduroam: higher connection speed, it is possible to watch TV broadcasts distributed over IPTV,  you can share files directly between the computers in the dorm.


University ID Card

  • The University ID card is necessary to be able to entry the dormitories, the University Campus, to open some classrooms and also for visiting of the University Library.
  • The University ID card can be used also for purpose of receiving meal in the University canteen for student’s price.
  • The University ID card can be also used as electronic wallet, for paying in  University canteens and for printers at the Campus.
  • If you order ISIC card (International Student Identity Card), you can receive student discount also in many other places – shops, theaters, restaurants outside VŠE. Read more about ISIC card here.
  • ISIC card – 370 CZK
  • usual Student ID card – 290 CZK
  • If you receive an email from the ID card department, that your ID card is prepared, you can pick up it in VŠE, in the Italska Building (here is a Campus Map), downstairs at the issue corner next to RB101
  • Office hours:
    Monday: 9:00 – 15:00
    Tuesday: 9:00 – 15:00
    Thursday: 9:00 – 15:00


Office 365


  • Yes, we will use MS Teams in many classes. Students, who will use the hybrid teaching within the first semester, will join to classes via MS Teams.
  • MS Teams is a cloud application for communication with other members of your company or university, it is a great tool for online teaching.
  • ISM and EDA students will receive, during their first semester, access to MS Teams groups of all classes.
  • There will be also a separate group, to be able to join the FIS Master office online.
  • Chat can be used also for communication with your teachers and classmates. You can use usual chatroom or videochats.
1) In the web browser Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge open the webportal Office 365 (the web address www.office.com). Register with your username to InSIS (username@vse.cz) and your password to InSIS or install the application MS Teams to your device (recommended).
2) In the webportal Office 365 choose the application Teams.
3) We recommend to switch from school screen to firm screen.
  •      In the settings symbol choose “setting” , arrangement “list” (for firms), arrangement “grid” (for schools).
4) Choose the Team of your Course, in case you received a code from teacher, insert the code (seven characters).
5) Online learning runs in mode “meeting”.
  • Click on “hidden channel” and choose in “online learning” – “display”.
  • Connect to the channel “online learning”.
  • You may now set the video . If possible turn off the sound to don´t disturb the teacher.
  • Click to login.


After arrival Visa obligations, Health insurance


Practical information for moving in to Czechia

  • BUS 119 (from the airport to Nádraží Veleslavín )
  • Change to Metro -from Nádraží Veleslavín Metro station,  Metro A to Můstek Metro station
  • Change to tram, use tram 9 and go to tram stop Strážní
  • To find the nearest connection, use the application idos
  • Don’t forget to buy a ticket for 40 CZK and validate the ticket in the bus
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