Farrukh, the  graduate of the Master’s degree program Information Systems Management (2021) and former FIS Master Ambassador

“Kindest greetings from afar, 
I’m Farrukh from Uzbekistan. 
Since you are reading this let me share with you why VSE will always stay in my heart.
When I completed my bachelor degree I was thinking that I will never come back to the university life style. My purpose was to build career and thats it. But after 4 years of work my inner voice told me to start studying and earn master degree. So I did that.
My decision was Prague University of Economics and Business because programs which they provide was exactly what I needed. So I moved to Prague and from the first moment I felt in love with the city. When I started studying and met new friends in university my life in Prague became even better with so many new colors. I was fully satisfied with education level, dormitories, food, etc.
I found my path in my life and university helped me to understand in which aspects I’m good and which aspects should be enhanced. Even though I came back to my home country after finishing the studies I will always remember glory days of my life in Prague. I hope you will have same feelings as me when you will be one of us – masters of VSE. “
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