Mariia, the graduate of the Master’s degree program Information Systems Management  (2020)


“My name is Mariia, I am from Russia and I successfully graduated from the Information Systems Management (ISM) program at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE) in the year 2020.  Having my Bachelor’s degree in the Project management field, back in Russia I was working on different IT projects and felt that I need additional knowledge in the IT field. Thus I have chosen the ISM Program at VSE. The program combines both technical and management/business disciplines and I think for me it was a good fit. After graduating I continue to work on IT projects having more knowledge and expertise than I had before and it definitely increased my confidence.

Also, I would like to thank the VSE team for their support and dedication. Our coordinator Veronika and our professors were always great and willing to help us. Especially want to thank Paolo Lacche (Product management), Jan Kucera (ICT Project management) and Martin Potancok (Management of Enterprise IT) for their great lectures and expertise.

What is worth mentioning, Prague is a great place for students for many reasons – location, weather, the beauty of the city, future career opportunities. So, I hope to see you at our Graduate dinner here one day :)”


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