VŠE Canteens

As a VŠE student, in a menza you are entitled to purchase daily two meals at a lower (student) price.
In order to be able to do so, you have to wear your VŠE Student ID Card with you. Payments can be done in cash or cashless (provided that you upload money to your dining account associated to your ID Card; this can be done at the cash desk in each menza).

  • Canteen – Menza
    Opening hours: Mo- Fr: 8.00-10.00 breakfasts, 11.00-15.00 lunches, 17.00-20.00 dinners (only Mo-Th)
  • Menza Italská – Pizza VŠEm  Three to  five sorts of pizza are offered daily. You can have a salad or a pasta too.
    Opening hours: Mo- Th: 10.30– 16.30, Fr – 10.30-15.00
  • Healthy Food – Zdravá výživa Many healthy meals are prepared for you – couscous, tempeh, fish, soup or vegetable.
    Opening hours: Mo- Th: 10.30– 16.30, Fr – 10.30-15.00
  • Canteen Jarov (Dormitories)
    Opening hours: Mo- Th: 11.00-20.15, Fr: 11.00-14.30
  • Restaurant Academic Club
  • Coffee bar
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