Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the start of studies for the academic year 2020/21?

The winter semester 2020/21 starts on Monday September 21, the newly admitted students will be asked to arrive one week before, we plan to organize the Orientation Days, introductory presentations, Campus guides etc.

We admit students only once per year, the start of studies is possible only from September.


What is the start of studies for the academic year 2021/22?

September 2021.


Do I need Visa for purpose of studying at VŠE?

In case you aren’t the EU citizen (or citizen from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) you have to apply for Visa before coming to the Czech Republic. The Visa procedure takes basically 1-2 months after the  submission of the Visa application. How to apply for Visa look here.


Do I have enough time to apply for Visa?

Basically we recommend for non-EU students to apply for our programs within the first application round (deadline by the end of February) to have more time for the Visa procedure.


What is the situation nowadays in Prague according to the coronavirus situation?

In Czechia, as well as in whole Europe, we also have many cases of infected people with the illness called COVID-19.
The government gave many protective measures against the spread of illness Covid-19, find an overview here.

The University management decided (according to government restrictions) to teach the whole winter semester 2020/2021 online.



What is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee for the newly accepted students is 3.800 EUR/academic year. The payment for the first semester in amount of 1.900 EUR has to be done before 1st September.


What is the length of a master study program at the Prague University of Economics and Business?

The standard length of study is two years. The maximum duration of master education is specified in Study and Examination Rules.


Is it possible to arrange accommodation in university dormitories?

Yes, we have enough space in our dormitories. Students have to fill in an application, which are open usually in June. Look for more information on the dormitories here.


How to apply for ISM/EDA program?

You will be asked to fill in an online application form, pay the application fee (50 EUR) and upload to the online form your CV, proof of English knowledge and one recommendation letter(EDA)/motivation letter (ISM). We also need the hard copies (official verified copies by a public notary office) of your bachelor’s diploma and final transcript of records for purpose of recongition of your previous education in the Czech republic (legal requirement).


What is the deadline for applications?

We open two application rounds, the first application deadline is by  28 February 2021 and second deadline is by 30 April 2021.

There aren’t any differences between both application rounds, the conditions are the same. Just the first round is more recommend for Visa-required students from non-EU countries, to have more time to submit and prepare their Visa.

Look for more information on the admission procedure here.


What is difference between the first and application round?

There isn’t  any difference. Just students who apply within the first round, will have more time to prepare and submit their Visa application. The Embassies in April and May have usually more available spots for student’s Visa application.

Look for more information on the admission procedure here.


APPLY – applications open on 1st December